June 1, 2023


QuixVert.com is an online file conversion software as a service (saas), It started as a fun personal project and it is being actively worked on during my free time after regular work hours.

The platform enables users to conveniently drag and drop files onto the converter to perform file conversions, It was developed with Django, Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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Mr Bot-Boet


Bot Boet is a little bot that i made, he runs the server, his job is to keep track of files, maintain the server, perform random tasks, and send out notifications to me if any problems occur.

Currently, QuixVert offers bulk file conversions for video and images, as well as some simple unique tools like image sequence to video conversions, with the ability to set its FPS and format.

The platform is Free to use to anyone, but it does operate on a subscription based model if you want more out of it. Paying users receive monthly tokens on their accounts that are used to perform the file conversions, Tokens are based on minutes, So all files that take under 1 minute to convert, will cost 1 token, every additional 1 minute will cost an additional token, So if a File takes 3 minutes to convert, it will cost 3 Tokens, 1GB video costs around 10 Tokens on average to convert and only successful converts are charged,

You can also choose to purchase additional tokens at anytime, additional purchased tokens dont expire or reset once they are finished, and the base tokens are always used before the additional top-up tokens are used.

To ensure privacy and optimize storage, user files are automatically deleted from the server after a certain period, ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the user's subscription tier. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to delete their files immediately, cancel their subscription, or delete their account at any time.

QuixVert is still in very early beta stage, many bugs still need to be discovered, and improvement of both the backend and frontend are ongoing. Future plans include incorporating additional features and potentially introducing unique AI tools to enhance the platform. =)


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